Activities in Saint Peter of Dominicans

The Church of St. Peter of the Dominicans is located in the city of Heraklion, next to the sea wall, between the Venetian port and the gate Dermata.

It is one of the oldest monuments of its kind. It holds a wider European interest because of its13th century architecture on the one hand and on the other for its presence in Europe and especially in Greece.

The multiple peculiarities of the monument, that were identified during the restoration work, reveal affinities with buildings of the same era and forms of architecture used in the 13th century France and Italy in Silvanes, Rieti, and Venzone.

It was built during the first years of the Venetian reign as the Catholic Monastery of the Dominican Order (Domenicani Predicatori) and is one of the oldest architectural monuments of the 12th century, both in Europe and Greece.

It is one of the most important monuments of Heraklion and is a source of inspiration for modern creation and culture.