Music Trilogy

The Muses were daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who is the goddess of memory! There is no culture without memory.

The connection of contemporary artistic creation and intellectual life with emblematic monuments of the past, has a special and deep meaning. It is the continuation of culture and history of a country, which is constantly renewed and enriched through successive generations. The values and consignations that are represented by the monuments as symbols of beauty, historical and cultural consciousness and identity, are sources of inspiration for modern creation.

In an effort to inform and sensitise the society towards the monuments and at the same time in an effort to integrate them in the modern cultural, social and economic life, the local authorities and organisations embraced the relevant proposal.

Starting from the Region of Crete which undertook the main organising role of the event in collaboration with the Holy Archdiocese of Crete, the Municipality of Heraklion and of course with the collaboration of the “hosts”,the Ephorate of Antiquities of Heraklion, we proceeded to the realisation of the project.