Soul Art Game

Soul Art Game was created in 2016 by Joanna Giannari and was introduced during the first cretan street festival “Art En Route” in July 2016 organised by the municipality of Heraklion.

Our modern living style is overflowed by a plethora of information, a fast paced reality, a wave of everyday sudden changes, stress and many more factors that lead to the unsettling of our inner self and causing pressure that seeks a way out.

Soul Art Game is a pathway to relief this stressful situation through art, considering that it is in all forms a universal relief for the human mind and soul.

The project was planned to work in an artistic environment in the form of a game, using art as an central axle, that would help the participants to seek a relief by communicating with their inner feelings and furthermore being able to recognise them and share them by being a part of a handmade sculpture.

The people of the city were called to participate in Soul Art Game by filling out a form and to create a self box, both created by psychologists Stavroula Andreadakis and Rita Papadaki and doctor Nick Siafakas, that each participant would design with various materials available to each one at the time by the team “Task Force 17”, and fill them in a way with their emotions during the game.

Additionally the participants were handed a red thread with the help of artist Anna Frangaki and were ask to unravel it in a metal skeleton that would form a giant Red Wave for everyone to see and admire.
The Red Wave was a work of art symbolising the emotions that each participant let out and embedded them in a creation for the public.

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