An idea that was forming in my mind for a long time, the Soul Art Game project, was given the opportunity to be implemented in the context of the 1st Street Festival “Art en Route”, organized by the Municipality of Heraklion. During my research, which was actively supported by the Emeritus Professor of Medicine and my friend Nikos Siafakas, where psychologists Stavroula Andreadaki & Rita Papadaki had a constant presence from the first meeting that I had announced my thoughts on “Soul Art Game” and embraced them with excitement. 

Artist Anna Fragaki also handed over a thread of red thread waiting to be unfolded on the metal frame of a wave she had prepared. Thus, with her valuable help, all the participating “players” created together a sculpture, the Red Wave. A wave of emotions that everyone released and that has been traveling in our city ever since. 

Nikos Vrynas, who closely followed the whole birth process of the Red Wave, was inspired by it and wrote the following: 

I travel to find hope, peace, Light! 

To meet the dream, the happiness of life! 

There were many visitors who wanted to experiment with the “Soul Art Game”, and they had with the help of the volunteers of “Action Group 17”, which was also constantly by our side. They said they were excited and some of them, who spent a little more time and came closer, anxiously asked us about when the next game will take place… soon we hope!